BlueWish® kitchen, BlueWish® bathroom & BlueWish® polishing and dusting cloth, economy set


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An unbeatable BlueWish®-team offer package

BlueWish® solves the problems of conventional dish cloth and  cleaning clothcleaning cloths in the kitchen
  • These become greasy after only a few cleaning processes and begin to be very smelly.
  • The consequence is that you throw away your cleaning cloth after a very short time.
  • BlueWish® doesn’t smell even after several cleaning processes.
  • After washing it this innovative cleaning cloth is effective like a new one.
  • Package content: 2 wipes, approx. 24 x 25 cm

BlueWish® Bath – your ideal helper in the bathroom

BlueWish® Bath was specially developed for cleaning sanitary and bathroom areas,

such as washbasins, fittings, shelves, partitions, bathroom furniture or wall tiles.

Although the cloth is made of natural cellulose, it feels like a leather cloth. It absorbs moisture and dirt very well and, thanks to its leather structure, leaves streak-free surfaces.

Package content: 2 wipes, approx. 30 x 38 cm

BlueWish polishing and dusting cloth. The reusable cotton cloth made from tree cellulose for everything that is dear and near to you.

Are certain surfaces gradually becoming duller even though you only clean them with water and a microfiber cloth?

Better use BlueWish®!

BlueWish® polishing and dusting cloth was specially developed for the care of sensitive surfaces. The fluffy material is the product of a high-tech process. The cotton cloth consists of fibers whose surface contains millions of very fine hairs. These pick up dust and dirt particles very well and hold them. The cloth is still exceptionally soft on surfaces. When polishing, the fine hairs penetrate into the smallest bumps. Your favorite pieces will shine like new.

Package content: 10 wipes, approx. 24 x 25 cm


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