The eco-friendly alternative to the smelly and unhygienic kitchen dishcloth and cleaning cloth!​​

BlueWish® cleaning cloth

The cleaning cloth BlueWish® facilitates the daily cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom and living quarters and saves money while doing so.

Because BlueWish® works against bacteria, thus reduces unpleasant odors and thus increases the effectiveness of cleaning processes in the house.

The antibacterial effect lasts for a long time, so that BlueWish® can be used much longer and more efficiently than other traditional cleaning cloths and thus it saves costs for buying new ones. Even after washing the cloth in the machine at 60°C the bacteria- and odour-reducing effect is maintained.

BlueWish® is made of 100 % cellulose fibers obtained from the sustainable raw material that is wood.

The fiber manufacturer makes its product 100 % in Germany and Austria, and is therefore required to meet the highest environmental specifi cations. The wood comes from responsibly managed forests
that meet social and statutory environmental standards, and other controlled sources.

The fibers are biodegradable and compostable in accordance with DIN EN 13432.

BlueWish® towels have 4 important advantages over microfiber towels

Our BlueWish® wipes are made from 100% natural cellulose  (from trees) and are made in GERMANY

No unpleasant orors

Microfiber cloths become greasy after just a few cleaning processes and start to smell strongly. The reason for this are microorganisms that quickly begin to break down the smallest amounts of food in the form of fibers, leftovers, sugar or dander.

No micro abrasion marks

Not all surfaces should be cleaned with microfiber cloths, as they have an abrasive or grinding effect. The cellulose fiber in BlueWish® has an exceptional, natural softness (more absorbent than cotton and softer than silk).


Microfiber fabrics consist mainly of synthetic fibers such as polyester or polyamide, which in turn are based on petroleum. Its mining and processing are energy- and water-intensive and harmful to the environment. The cloths are mostly made in low-cost countries.

No microplastics

Microfibers come loose from synthetic fiber fabrics during washing. A study by the University of Plymouth found that around 400,000 microfibers found their way into the waste water from a laundry load of polyester textiles. Some sewage treatment plants can filter out these microfibers, according to Greenpeace. However, a large part ends up in the environment via the sewage sludge.

The antibacterial effect of BlueWish® is based on patented cellulose fibers

The antibacterial effect of BlueWish® is based on patented cellulose fibers that make up 5 % of the cloth. Highly skilled scientific testing has enabled large quantities of silver ions to be incorporated directly into
the cellulose matrix, without using nanotechnology! The fiber serves as a natural barrier against bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens (OEKO-TEX® listing as a material with biologically active properties).

Its high load capacity and even dosing ensure an exceptionally high level of effectiveness.
BlueWish® has a lasting effect, as the ion transfer takes place steadily throughout the product’s entire working life.

The independent Hohenstein Institute (HC-212724) confirmed the bacterial effect of BlueWish® as being “very good”. After 18 hours, 99.99 % fewer germs and bacteria were detected than on a standard polyester cloth.

As bacteria are unable to develop within BlueWish®, there is also no
decomposition process and thus no unpleasant smells. No more spreading germs and bacteria around the house!

Hygiene and cleanliness for the household


The silver-ions contained in the cloth do their work invisibly but highly effectively and stop odour bacteria.

This is how the BlueWish® saves you money:

  • BlueWish® has a lasting effect, as the ion transfer takes place steadily throughout the product’s entire working life
  • Very long life – thus cheaper than many other cleaning cloths that are being used in the same period of time.


  • The cloth gains its typical cellulose structure and natural shape
    upon initial contact with water.
  • As natural fi bers are used, the color of BlueWish® cloths will not always be uniform. This does not affect the functionality of the cloths, and aids sustainable production. Thank you for your understanding.


Use disinfecting agents carefully.
Always read the label and product information before use. Active ingredient: silver chloride, 1.2 %.

The BlueWish® meets the requirements of the Biocidal Products Directive (EU) No. 1062/2014 and (EU) Nr. 528/2012. BAuA no.: N-96940 for product type 1 (biocidal product for human hygiene) and BAuA no.: N-105255 product type 2 (disinfectant for private use)

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