Set of 2 BlueWish® dish cloth, cleaning cloth – hygiene in the kitchen


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The eco-friendly alternative to the smelly and unhygienic dishcloth and cleaning cloth!

Are you fed up with the fact that your kitchen towels and dishcloths start to stink after a short time, even though you wash them and pay attention to hygiene? Why is that? Thereason for this are microorganisms that quickly begin to break down the smallest amounts of food in the form of fibers, leftovers, sugar or dander. 

BlueWish® solves the problems of conventional dish cloth and  cleaning clothcleaning cloths in the kitchen:
  • These become greasy after only a few cleaning processes and begin to be very smelly.
  • The consequence is that you throw away your cleaning cloth after a very short time.
  • BlueWish® doesn’t smell even after several cleaning processes.
  • After washing it this innovative cleaning cloth is effective like a new one.
Where do you think are the most bacteria in the kitchen?

The – perhaps surprising – answer: in the area around the sink. Many probably don’t suspect this place because water usually flows there anyway. Accordingly, one would think that it is always clean here. However, the opposite is the case. Many people use a sponge or microfiber cloth to clean the sink and these are an absolute germ spinner. Researchers found over 300 different types of bacteria, among the ten most common bacteria five were potentially causing disease in humans. This area can therefore quickly show more E. coli bacteria than a toilet. 

That is BlueWish®:
  • BlueWish® doesn’t smell – even when using continuously.
  • Bioactive – effective thanks to real silver.
  • 99% less germs and bacteria.
  • Effectiveness tested by the independent institute Hohenstein (
  • Super absorbent.
  • Very long life – thus cheaper than many other cleaning cloths that are being used in the same period of time.

Package content: 2 x 2 towels 24 x 25 cm


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