Stops the smell of sweat and bacteria in the laundry!


Hygiene in the washing machine



Why did our grannies practice hot laundry?

The Problem

The Solution: BlueMagicBall®

Cleanliness for your laundry


Silverion technology ensures hygiene and odor neutralization

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Easy to use:

Wash and care for your laundry as usual: Just put the BlueMagicBall® into the laundry machine in addition to the detergent and fabric softener or place it into the water of the hand wash.

We guarantee 160 washing cycles at full efficiency.

The color indicator shows when the BlueMagicBall® should be replaced by resolving itself.

This is how the BlueMagicBall® saves you money:

The  BlueMagicBall® saves energy, water and detergent.

You don’t need a washing cycle at very high temperature (95 °) any longer  in order to obtain hygienically clean laundry.

You can do entirely without aggressive disinfecting chemical detergent add-ons 

Textiles can also be worn longer and their service life extended

Fewer washing cycles also go easy on the washing machine and prolong its durability.


  1. If you have an old washing machine, it may be that the bacterial film is already too strong and the BlueMagicBall® can therefore only develop its full effect after 2-3 washes. We therefore recommend rinsing older washing machines at 95°C before using them for the first time.
  2. Please use the ball with every wash and not just sporadically, otherwise it cannot develop its full effect.


Use the disinfectant carefully. Always read the product information and the marking before using. Active agent: silver chloride 1,2 %.

The BlueMagicBall® meets the requirements of the biocide-product-standard (EU) Nr.: 528/2012 and (EU) Nr. 1062/2014 ;

BAuA-Nr: N-105254 (N-32056) for product type 9 (protection of textiles),  and BAuA-Nr: N-103098  (N-32058) for product type 1 (biocide product for the human hygiene).

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