BlueWish® soft L

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The cleaning cloth for everything that is near and dear to you.


We have developed BlueWish®soft L for you. The outstanding features of BlueWish technology which can be used for sensitive surfaces and applications such as: Furniture care, car polish, leather care and pet grooming.

BlueWish®soft L contains 80% Lenzing Modal® fibers, used in the finest of textiles, which make them especially
soft and supple. A cleaning cloth you are never going to want to let go.

Of course, BlueWish®soft L is anti-bacterial, thus reduces unpleasant odors and thus increases the effectiveness of cleaning processes in the house. The antibacterial effect lasts for a long time, so that BlueWish®soft L can be used much longer and more efficiently than other traditional cleaning cloths and thus it saves costs for buying new ones. Even after washing the cloth in the machine at 60°C the bacteria- and odour-reducing effect is maintained.

That is BlueWish®soft L:

  • BlueWish®soft L doesn’t smell – even when using continuously.
  • Bioactive - naturally effective thanks to real silver.
  • 99% less germs and bacteria.
  • Effectiveness tested by the independent institute Hohenstein (
  • Super absorbent.
  • Very long life – thus cheaper than many other cleaning cloths that are being used in the same period of time.

Content: 2 cloth, 30 x 38cm

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