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The problem – bacteria and odor are in the laundry. Many modern textiles are only allowed to be washed at low temperatures. As a result the growth of bacteria will be encouraged. The bacteria reproduce every 20 minutes. The body-odours in the laundry will be covered with the scents contained in detergent and fabric softener. Within a short time the laundry smells of body-odour caused by bacteria.

The solution – the BlueMagicBall® stops bacteria in the laundry. Just put the BlueMagicBall® additionally to the detergent into the washing machine. When coming in contact with water silver-ions will be released in the ball. They spread on the laundry and metaphorically spoken, let the bacteria starve. The contact with humidity like sweat activates the silver-ions and the formation of unpleasant odours is prevented. The growth of bacteria is stopped.

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