BMB_BLUEWISHDo BlueMagicBall® and BlueWish® stop viruses and fungal infection too? 

Silver is active against bacteria, fungi and viruses
Long before the pharmaceutical industry invented antibiotics, nature had the best and most powerful remedy for viruses, harmful bacteria and fungi for humans:  silver. In the first half of the last century, silver was still the gold standard in infection control. It was then replaced by cheaper alternatives. But now the qualities of silver have been rediscovered. Even in low concentrations, silver is effective against bacteria and fungi. This antimicrobial effect is based on the fact that silver cations inhibit the metabolism of microorganisms.
Colloidal silver becomes active against viruses by silver ions settling on the surface of viruses and thus suppressing their binding to host cells.

Can people with allergy use BlueMagicBall® and BlueWish® as well? 

Don´t bother regarding allergies because there are no known contact allergies against silver.


Is it possible that the effect of the BlueMagicBall® can be affected by the changing magnetic fields of anti-lime scale-balls? 
The effect of the BlueMagicBall® will be in no way affected by magnetic fields. There is nothing in the way of using both products together.


Is it possible to use the BlueMagicBall® in the clothes drier? 
The BlueMagicBall® does not impair the clothes drier but there it cannot show its antibacterial effect.


How does the BlueMagicBall® react with other metals in the laundry? 
Metal parts on the laundry, such as buttons and zippers, can not impair the effect of the BlueMagicBall® in a negative way. No impairment of the metal parts that is caused by the released silver-ions has been noticed until now.


Can I use further on my usual crystal deodorant consisting of potassium alum or ammonia alum. Does the crystal deodorant harmonize with the silver-ions that reach my skin? 
You don´t have to worry about the interplay with the crystal deodorant.


Will the clothing be magnetic because of the silver-ions? Does the metal detector during the security check at the airport react? 
The silver-ions have no magnetic properties, so your clothing can not get magnetic. Besides, the silver exists in ionic not in metallic form. Therefore it is invisible to the metal detectors.


Does the BlueMagicBall® last longer when I always add it first to the laundry when the washing cycle starts?
The ball is designed to remain during the whole washing cycle inside of the washing drum. Until now there are no insights about how the durability and the effectiveness of the BlueMagicBall® are getting influenced when adding it first during the washing cycle. Therefore we cannot guarantee for the results.


If I soak dish towels with silver-ions, certainly a few parts get via dishes and food into the body. Do silver-ions get into the gastro-intestinal tract or do they pass it without getting into the blood?
The quantity of silver that is transmitted from the treated dish towels to the cutlery and that is assimilated by the organism during its use has no physiological relevance and is completely harmless. Actually it is much less than the quantity that is incorporated during the use of silver cutlery.


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