BlueMagicBall® & BlueWish® A strong team! economy set


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A strong team

Bluemagigball® – Stops body odore and bacteria in the laundry and washing machine!
The problem – bacteria and odor are in the laundry.

Many modern textiles are only allowed to be washed at low temperatures. As a result the growth of bacteria will be encouraged. The bacteria reproduce every 20 minutes. The body-odours in the laundry will be covered with the scents contained in detergent and fabric softener. Within a short time the laundry smells of body-odour caused by bacteria.

The solution – the BlueMagicBall® stops bacteria in the laundry.

Just put the BlueMagicBall® additionally to the detergent into the washing machine. When coming in contact with water silver-ions will be released in the ball. They spread on the laundry and metaphorically spoken, let the bacteria starve. The contact with humidity like sweat activates the silver-ions and the formation of unpleasant odours is prevented. The growth of bacteria is stopped. Easy to use. Wash and care for your laundry as usual: Just put the BlueMagicBall® into the laundry machine in addition to the detergent and fabric softener or place it into the water of the hand wash. The color indicator shows when the Blue Magic Ball should be replaced by resolving itself.

BlueWish® – The eco-friendly alternative to the smelly and unhygienic dishcloth and cleaning cloth!

Are you fed up with the fact that your kitchen towels and dishcloths start to stink after a short time, even though you wash them and pay attention to hygiene? Why is that? The reason for this are microorganisms that quickly begin to break down the smallest amounts of food in the form of fibers, leftovers, sugar or dander.

BlueWish® solves the problems of conventional dish cloth and  cleaning clothcleaning cloths in the kitchen:
  • These become greasy after only a few cleaning processes and begin to be very smelly.
  • The consequence is that you throw away your cleaning cloth after a very short time.
  • BlueWish® doesn’t smell even after several cleaning processes.
  • After washing it this innovative cleaning cloth is effective like a new one.


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