About us


Innovations that simplify and improve everyday household chores are our passion!

KOHNE_NM_enBlueMagicBall® and BlueWish® were developed with exactly this in mind. We asked ourselves why articles in millions of households need to be washed after having been worn once just because they smell and not because they are dirty? That means more washing, more ironing, costs money and is not good for the environment. Why does sport clothing even smell unpleasant when it has just been washed? Or why does a dishcloth begin to smell after only a few days in the sink? Is that hygienic?

We have actually succeeded in finding answers to these questions and in solving these problems. It was and is particularly important to us that technology does not harm people or nature. That is why our products have been tested and certified by independent laboratories. The technology has been successfully patented.

BlueMagicBall® and BlueWish® have already been on the market for 10 years and we are very pleased that they are used by thousands of customers around the world on a daily basis.

We manufacture only in Germany and Austria.

Our team will do its utmost to offer you the best possible service and is looking forward to welcome you as our new customer!